Tuesday, April 9, 2013

BPC 99/365 Pepper Garden

Our weekend was really productive. We cleaned the yard, put new mulch on our flower beds around the house and we planted some pepper and tomatoes. We also prepared the garden for our bokchoy and kangkong. Next weekend will still be a garden weekend for us as we plan to plant some beans, okra, bittergourd and more. To be honest, it was very tiring. My body is sore but seeing how nice our yard looks like makes it very fulfilling.

We enjoyed working outside together and we hope that we will be able to see our plants surviving and bearing fruits. Anyway, picture above is my little pepper garden. I figure if they all bear fruits, I am sure I will have enough and I love pepper so I don't think it will go to waste.

Have you started your garden yet?


Rcel said...

Mamilu, good for you! I am looking forward to see your bountiful harvest! Naa kay kamunggay pud?

Ka-start pa lang namo pa-gamot sa among tanglad indoor ra. Frozen pa among flower pots diri kay 30s pa among temperatures, daghan pa ice sa palibot. No Spring planting yet for us. :D

maricon dumaguing said...

Wow! love pepper!!! Kulang ang templa sa food if walay pepper. :) We also planted some veggies in our backyard... Go organic jud ta ani mga in our vacation sa Bohol, naay Malunggay Ice Cream as featured in my BPC entry for today!

God bless us.

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