Monday, April 8, 2013

BPC 98/365 Dinner Guest

Last Saturday, we decided to work on our yard. Actually, everybody in the neighborhood seems to be outside tinkering their yards. We decided to do our share. Andrea enjoyed and helped a lot. When our neighbor saw us, they came over so Andrea played with their son.

They played a lot and Andrea was upset that it was time for him to go home since it was getting late. We then decided to invite Jay for dinner. I was making spaghetti. While waiting for the dinner, they played camp out using sleeping bags. Then after a while, I served them dinner.

Spaghetti and garlic bread! I also give them a capri sun water for their drink.

Spaghetti can be messy, so I gave each of them a face towel to wipe their faces while eating. They enjoyed the dinner and it is great to see them eating so good.

Jay is Andrea's first dinner guest!


Rcel said...

That is awesome Mamilu kay you have a neighbor ra nga ma-playmate ni Andrea! At least di ra kaayo mingaw! Ka-lami sa ilang dinner oi! Paborito kaayo naku! :D

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