Sunday, April 7, 2013

BPC 97/365 Something Purple

I badly needed to put a new nail polish on my nails.  This time, I decided to use purple.  When my daughter saw me putting on new nail polish, she insisted that she needs a new nail polish too.  So, here we are with our purple nail polish.  What you think?


Rcel said...

Wow Mamilu, Andrea's fingers are so long! :D Pang-rich man kaayo mo ug kamot oi! :)

I also have chosen purple as my new nail paint for today. :D

emzkie said...

better to be late than never! lol. ka nice sa inyong mga kuku mommy lulu oi. tag-ason man ug kulamoy imong bb girl mommy Lulu. nindot kaau tan awon. =)


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