Wednesday, April 10, 2013

BPC 100/365 Chasing Bubbles

One of the best blessings that we got last year was finding the perfect home for us. We were so glad to find a home with enough size of yard and not too close to the neighbors.

Anyway, weather has been really nice lately and that means more time to spent outside. My daughter and I played a lot and did some yard work together. One of the things that we do all the time is to blow bubbles. While I blow bubbles, Andrea will chase them and pop them. It is fun for her.

We are enjoying this beautiful weather.  I wish it will stay like this and not get too hot but of course we know that we are expecting another very hot summer.


Rcel said...

You are so lucky and blessed to finally have a home of your own, Mamilu! Kami ani, basin in 50 years pa! LOL. Andrea looks like she is indeed having a lot of fun! Bubbles are a kid's thingy! :D

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