Thursday, April 11, 2013

BPC 101/365 Blooming

Weather has been very nice this week. We enjoyed the outdoors and I love my blooming flowers and bushes. I am so glad that they are blooming and they are just so beautiful.

Bees are just flying everywhere in our yard. I guess more flowers will be blooming soon. I love this time of the year. Beautiful weather which is not too hot yet.


Rcel said...

Unbelievable!!! Pareho ra man unta ta naa sa Aremika mamilu pero among palibot diri ga-ice ice pa man! Paita nalang jud! I wanna see some blooms na pud aron di na ko ma-depress! Mobalhin na jud ko ug Alabama ugma! LOL.

Those are for sure lovely blooms. Nisamot na guro ka gwapa imong mansyones diha mamilu! :)

emzkie said...

gwapa kaau ang imong mga bulak mommy Lulu! it make me miss our old place. pretty sure namulak na pud ang mga azaleas didto. naga BPC hop ko. =)

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