Tuesday, April 2, 2013

BPC 92/365: It is my Birthday

Today is a special as I am celebrating my birthday. I am officially one year older. I am very thankful to one and all who posted their birthday greetings and birthday wishes on my Facebook wall. I also received birthday cards from the mail. I got phone calls. I feel special being being remembered on my birthday.

I was even surprise that our insurance company even sent me a birthday greetings.  I know they are automated but it is still cute.  I also got birthday messages from other online companies that I shop with or a member of .  Kinda cute how very techie birthdays have become.

To all my friends, both online and offline, thank you for making me feel special.  Your birthday wishes meant a lot to me.  Thank you to my family both in the US and the Philippines and around the world who remembered my special day.  Of course, special thanks to my hubby and the sweet daughter for al the birthday kisses and hugs.


jenn said...

Happy happy birthday sis! Wishing you all the best in life. Enjoy this day!

Jonalyn Quita said...

Happy birthday Lulu!

Btw, what's the mechanics /how to join BPC? Thanks!

Rcel said...

Those birthday kisses and hugs are the best, mamiLu! :))

I was able to enjoy lots of discounts and deals from my fave shopping stores during my birthday. And yes, those high tech greetings from companies that come in our inbox are indeed cute. My fave is the one from our Dental Clinic. Pa-flash flash man gud. Lol.

Happy birthday again Mamilu! I am sure you're having a blast right there! Diet-wise, wala koy ma-say. After all, you're hot and sexy, ingon si David! :D

Chie said...

Belated happy birthday MomiLu..late jud kog greetings. I wish you good health more blogging blessings...also a more blissful married life.

Mrs.D said...

nothing beats those hugs and kisses....:) feeling celebrity lagi basta birthday...ehehee...joke!

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