Wednesday, April 3, 2013

BPC 93/365: Flower Delivery

My birthday yesterday was extra special. Thank you to Mom Lori and Dan who were so sweet in sending me a fresh bouquet of flowers. Yes, flower delivery for me!

Since hubby was working yesterday, we celebrated my birthday days early. He told me to do what I like to do the most on my birthday, so I went shopping! It is what I want to do! hahaha I got an excuse for going to the mall.

Mom dropped us off to the mall and me and my shopping buddy Andrea went shopping. She played in Carter's store. They have toys inside the store. She played while I shop. I shop some more and she played in the playground. Then we went to our usual yogurt trip. We each bought a cup of yogurt with different toppings. After eating yogurt we had enough energy to shop some more. After shopping I let her play at the playground again. Then she told me that she was starving so I bought her fries and she requested an ice cream cone.

Time passed by so quickly that it was already time for hubby to pick us up. Then we went to dinner at a Japanese restaurant. My birthday has been really fun and thank you every one for making it special.


jenn said...

you seem to have a lovely and busy birthday celebration. that's cool! :)

Deli said...

Lovely flowers! Happy birthday once again, cuz :) I also talked about malls on my BPC entry :)

Dhemz said...

awwwwww...that is one fabulous flower mami! you are one lucky to have inlaws like them...sweet!

Chie said...

Happy birthday again momiLu. It is so sweet of them for sending flowers. And yep, birthday is a very nice excuse to do some shopping.

genefaith said...

we're both April girls:) belated happy birthday! Like you, i wanted to go shopping too:) much preferably shopping till i drop..he..he...what a nice way of spending your bday:)

Rcel said...

That's a lovely vase of fresh flowers for a special celebrant! Nice way of celebrating your birthday kay mall jud ang tirada. Na-biktima si wallet! Lol.

Late BPC commenting! :D

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