Monday, April 1, 2013

BPC 91/365: Hello April

April is exciting for me because this is my birth month. Since it is my birth month, I am hosting the Blog Photo Challenge.

Let's start April with fresh thoughts and positive outlook. April for me means the start of warmer days ahead. The time to start digging the yards and time to do the gardens. It will be a busy month for us because we will be working on our yard which we really look forward to!

Though we will be busy, I will still be posting pictures everyday for our Blog Photo Challenge. Please do join me and if you join me for the whole month (link your entry every day), I will be giving aways little cash in your paypal! Dig those photo of yours and share....


Chie said...

Congrats on hosting the Blog Photo Challenge this April sis. Anyway, i welcome myself back to the blog land and posting daily for BPC is a good way to get me back into blogging.

My bad i don't know what day is your birthday pero Happy Birthday nalang sis.

Rcel said...

Yay April! Warmer days ahead is what I am looking forward the most, too kay kapoy na kaayo ning among ice sa palibot! :D

Kanus-a na mamulak ng green nimo diha Mamilu? Pakit-a unya ko sa blooms ha! :)

Thanks for hosting for this month! I'll try to not miss a day since I am just home. :)

Dhemz said...

time to dig and time to plow...ehehhee! nananom nako sa liso sa kapayas mami...hope ma!

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