Monday, April 29, 2013

BPC 119/365 Papaya

I grew up with natural remedies.  We don't go to the doctor for some minor health problems.  We always try natural or herbal remedies first for a while and sometimes for as long as we can manage.  Going to the doctor is somewhat a last resort.  Blame it to the bad health care system of the Philippines and our poverty.

I also grew up eating semi-ripe papaya dipped in vinegar/salt mixture.  This is what we usually eat when we have sore throat or tonsillitis.  It always work.  We also eat this for snacks.

Yesterday, I found some papayas in Walmart and on an impulse I bought one because I miss eating papaya dipped in vinegar/salt mixture.  No, I don't have sore throat or tonsillitis.  The papaya that I got tasted so good that I eat to my heart's content.


Mrs.D said...

save the seeds, kay wa nitubo tong seeds nga imo! I was tempted to buy one yesterday but I changed my mind...hinog naman jud ang mga kapayas dire...gusto ko ingon ana...tag 98cents ra raba ang pound.

emzkie said...

wow kalami sa papaya lalo na isawsaw sa suka! hmmm.... gapangland-ok nuon ko da.

Rcel said...

Now that is absolutely a perfect cure for tonsillitis! Mao baya nakaayo sa akoa, apil pud ang fresh green mango. :D Galaway nuon ko pinakalit! Lol.

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