Tuesday, April 30, 2013

BPC 120/365 Blimp

We saw the blimp yesterday. We were excited. We thought it has something to do with the Talladega race this weekend. Anyhow, what a coincidence also for my last entry of Blog Photo Challenge as a host. It seems so fitting that it is time for me to fly away and pass the hosting job to a good friend Dhemz. Thanks everyone for joining me this month. See you around!


Dhemz said...

I've always been wanted to get on a! mura siguro ug hot air balloon ang feeling...smooth sailing...ehehe!

ayay, thanks for passing over the!

Rcel said...

Thats a nice capture Mamilu! Pinaabtik jud ha! Like Dhemz, gusto pud ko mosakay! Lol!

Great job on the April hosting stint and thanks a lot! :) Murag gipadali jud nimo ug human ang bulan sa Abril ha! :D

emzkie said...

thanks for hosting the month of April mommy Lulu! this photo reminds me of the hindenburg.

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