Thursday, April 25, 2013

BPC 115/365 Hula Hoop

"It's a beautiful day, Mommy! Time to practice my hulahoop". This was what my daughter told me yesterday. She was excited to try her new hula hoop. A small one which is just perfect for her.

She had a lot of fun and was having a great time doing her hulahoop and chasing it around our front yard. After playing we decided that we needed to rest and come back outside again later. Well, we were not able to do so as it rained yesterday afternoon.

Today, she checked the yard but the grass is still wet, so we are waiting for the grass to dry up so that she can hula hoop again.


Dhemz said...

way to go Andrea! pretty sure you're going to be good at it. Akesh doesn't like to do the hula!

Rcel said...

Summer days are here to stay and kids will for sure be enjoying every bit of it! Great job man kaayo si Andrea sa hoops oi! Master na kaayo sya mamilu? Ang Triz diri dili pa kabalo magdugay, ma-frustrate pa sya kay mahulog pa iyaha. LOL.

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