Wednesday, April 24, 2013

BPC 114/365 Spring Beauty

I love the blooms of our azaleas around the house. They bloomed so much that our house looks prettier from the road.  We are really blessed to have a home that we love.


Dhemz said...

awwwwww..the beauty of spring! you have a very adorable house mami...:)

Rcel said...

Yay mamilu! Imong mansyones arang nindota naman kaayo. Nisamot man nga daghan na blooms, attractive kaayo! Kanus-a kaya ko makatamak sa imong perimeter dah! :D

Wala pa jud mi signs of spring diring dapita. Poordoy kaayo! Kuk.

Anah said...

Awww nindota sa imong front yard and the azaleas. I always want azalea. Perennial or annual ni ang azalea? Btw, pag clicked nko from FB hop, was asked if this website is spam or not spam, so I clicked not spam. You may want to look into it. :)

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