Tuesday, April 23, 2013

BPC 113/365 Almond Joy Pie

This looks very rich and yummy but for a diabetic like me, this is a No-no.

I made this pie because hubby loves coconut. We saw a friend posted the recipe in Facebook and hubby asked me if I would make him one. Of course I did and it turned out really good. He enjoyed it and yes, this is his new favorite. I am sure I will be baking another one this weekend.


☆Mama Ko☆ said...

I'll take your share lulu hehehee. look good. I haven't tried almond joy pie, in fact i hava only tried apple pie i guess hehehehe.

Rcel said...

sa dihang gigutom ko pinakalit! looks very yummy but very sweet though. di maayo sa akong tonsil. :( maayo pa si hubby nimo mami kay ganahan ug coconut. we do, too. pero i have a friend here nga ang bana di jud ganahan ug coconut. nailad sya one time kay nagkaon sya sa akong ice candy. gi-lamian pero nagmahay pagkabalo niya nga coconut man diay to. lol.

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