Saturday, April 20, 2013

BPC 110/365 Torta

First and foremost it is my sister who made this torta cake.

Any Filipino knows what torta is. It is often served during fiesta and other special occasion. Most of this torta use the colored japanese paper but I don't know where you can find it here in the US. Torta can have different toppings too. Some put cheese, some just use sugar and some put none.

I wanted to bake torta simply because I missed the goodness of it. Too bad though, it is not worth making this for myself as I couldn't eat a lot of this. Maybe someday when my friends and I will have get together, I will decide to make some for ourselves, provided my sister will give me the recipe! lol


StaLira said...

mingaw sad ko ani ba

Rcel said...

Ayay ka-lami! I love torta baya kaayo oi! Lami i-isnaks! :D Naa baya Japanese paper diri sa among dollar tree mamilu. Nakapalit ko a couple times na katong nanghimo ko polvoron. :)

Dhemz said...

perfecto kau! they're not good for your I guess you have to send them to me!

emzkie said...

hala wala pa lagi ko kakaon aning torta? murag mamun ni sya mommy Lulu? aguy wala ko kaila ug torta. lol. mangita daw ko ani pag uli namo next week.

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