Sunday, April 21, 2013

BPC 111/365 Sprouting

It was last week when we sowed our okra seeds. Today, I saw that most of them have sprouted already. I was happy as I didn't think they will sprout. I was too impatient with their sprouting. I can't wait for them to grow up and continue working in my garden.

The bokchoy that I have planted has vanished. FOr now, let us just blame the rabbits as I don't have any explanation why they vanished. I need to plant some other things instead of the bokchoy. Perhaps we will plant some zucchini or squash.


Rcel said...

Wow!!! Okra! My fave!!! Please call me Mamilu if you need help during harvest season! Lol.

Lamia oi, ibog kaayo ko! I have been waiting for our temperatures to rise and for the snow to disappear kay among mao-maong tanglad nanggamot na ug ang kamunggay aron matisok na pud. Mao ra raba intawon among madali-dali. Ka-lami jud maka-garden oi. Di ka mag-kamatisan diha? Lami pud pechay ba! :D

☆♥Shydub♥☆ said...

aguy, sigurado na ang diet ani, kalami ra ba aning okra pabukalan nya tuslo sa suka. yummm. nindot inyong yuta diha lulu ky itum mn. dalia ra ni sprout sa. joining the BPC ky duol na sa katapusan hahaha

emzkie said...

maau paka diha mommy Lulu kay nakatanum this year. ako wala dyud. unsaon man oi na dili mani amoang balay na among gi puy-an. sus na miss dyud nako ang mag tanum.

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