Monday, August 6, 2012

Family-friendly Home Décor

Keeping your home safe and comfortable is of paramount importance when you have children – practical easy-care solutions are important. When you look through the fancy home décor magazines and see pictures of storybook-theme nurseries and little girl’s bedrooms fit for a princess it can be delightful, unless you are the one doing the laundry and cleaning. A fancy nursery is all well and good until there’s an accident and the baby crib bedding needs to be dry cleaned – that simply won’t do. When selecting baby and kids bedding it’s important to look for machine washable fabrics which dry quickly and do not require ironing.

Beautiful bathrooms are no different – lavish fixtures with ornate details are lovely until they require cleaning and polishing. It’s a good idea to invest in family-friendly shower and bath kits which feature smooth and easy to operate handles that can be controlled while your hands are full with a wet and soapy child or a dog who would rather not take a bath. A handheld showerhead is a great addition to a family bathroom – they make it easy to shampoo hair, water plants, wash pets and clean the shower or tub enclosure plus they are helpful when you wish to shower while seated or address an injury since the water spray can be directed precisely where you want it.

Busy parents know that a plastic laundry basket has hundreds of uses – stock up on several and use them to store everything from stuffed animals and sporting goods to extra bedding, pool toys, spare towels or flip flops and sandals. Small children can be taught to pick up after themselves – assign a laundry basket in a favorite color for each child so they know where to store their things.


J.A said...

Looks yummy cake,

drop by at my site

From Norway

'Mum-2-3-' said...

yes, wouldn't we all like to keep a safety and tidy home? but with the kids around it's kinda make it impossible. I do love home interior design, it fascinates me.

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