Monday, August 6, 2012

German Chocolate Cake: The Making

Baking is a good bonding for me and my daughter. She loves helping me. She loves to crack the eggs without my help. I measure all the ingredients and she pours it all in the mixing bowl. She even learns to use my mixer after telling her what to do.

She helped me pour the batter to the cake pan and patiently waited for the cake to be baked. It took 30 minutes to bake but she kept on asking me if it is done yet. When it was done we let it cool down before we put the frosting.

The cake is ready! She can't wait to eat it. But she has to have dinner first before she can have a slice. After dinner last night, she got her slice and said... "Mommy we made the best cake in the whole world!" :)


Redruby said...

super sarap naman!

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