Thursday, November 10, 2011

Tips in Choosing a Good Shaving Cream

Why do we need to shave, anyway? First of all, shaving off unwanted hair in our bodies depends on the person’s preference. Some like to shave it all off, while some don’t really mind having them. For women in general, shaving off hairs in legs is necessary for the beach days. There is nothing like showing off those hair free legs on a hot summer day while on their swimsuits!

So for those who do shave, shaving cream is a necessity. Why? Shaving creams lubricate the skin. Without it, you could possibly have cuts from the blade which is not at all a pleasant experience. It also eliminates those “razor burns” or red bumps on your skin after shaving.

So what are some tips in choosing a good shaving cream?

  • First of all, determine your skin type and be careful in choosing a product that suits you best. For example, men who have oily skin type could choose a shaving cream that contains a little bit of astringent. That way, you are already doing your skin a favor while removing the facial hair you want to get rid of. At the same time, if you have dry skin, you could use a shaving cream with a little moisturizer. If you want to make sure about your skin type and what type of shaving cream would best suit you, it would be best that you ask medical advice from a dermatologist.
  • Warm water applied before shaving is always best, regardless of your skin type. It helps soften your hair and would make the shaving process a lot easier and much more convenient.
  • Should you want a shaving cream with scent, is entirely your personal preference. Some men don’t really mind having a no-scent shaving cream since they would be using an after shave cologne, anyway.

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Anne said...

love na love ka ni b2b jud. Ako wala break na mi. Ready na ang love letter ko next week. Goodbye happiness.

Dhemz said...

mau pa dire kay pinangga pa kau sa B2B...ako ani maglaway nalang...wahhehee!

musta mami? hope all is well...ulian naka sa imo yayay?! miss yah!

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