Monday, November 7, 2011

Firing up the Grill

It has been a while since we last grilled but last weekend we fired up our grill.

Last weekend was a big one for us since we were anticipating the college football game of the century. We were getting ready for LSU-Alabama game. We are big fans of LSU so it was a big day for us.

Dave offered to grill and gave me a break from cooking. He grilled T-bone steaks, asparagus and mushroom & onion.

Grilled food and a winning team. It was a fun Saturday for us!


imriz said...

yum, yum! i can smell from here^_^

tanya said...

i'm not used to comment on blogs or posts but this one made me wanna post a comment any how thx so much for sharing this post with us

Dhemz said...

ah, ka sosyal sa inyong g grill mami...kalami man kau!

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