Monday, November 14, 2011


During my birthday this year, my sister asked me what I want for a gift. I said... iPAD but I want the iPAD later this year which will be in time for our trip to Philippines early 2012. She decided to buy me and iPad2 last few weeks ago. She used it for a week to make sure that she likes it because she might want to buy one for herself too.

Our first Ipad Pic

My daughter was so excited about the iPad. At first she told me that we share with it but after a day, she decided that the iPad is hers.

She can only use the iPad after washing and drying her hands. She has to stay in the couch when she uses it. She is good at it though although she erased all the pictures stored in it... I asked her "Andrea what did you do with the pictures in the iPad?" She answered " Mommy, I press the top and it is all gone".... Oh well, the delete button of the pictures is on the top so that's why the pictures are all gone.

Anyway, Thank to my sister and her hubby for the iPad which will be my birthday gift this year and all the coming years hehe


Jona said...

Naku! My two kids also have my iPad as theirs...tsk tsk. That's why I deleted some of the games already.

our family

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