Monday, May 2, 2011

Surfing for Business

My brother and I were going to finally live out our dream. We were going to open a surf shop right by the water! We'd loved to ride the waves for decades and it was truly time for us to make a life out of it. We didn't have much trouble finding a spot for the store since a bakery nearby was closing. Inventory also wasn't a huge deal since we knew exactly what we wanted to carry and had developed some really good relationships with vendors over the years. I was the one who suggested we make a business website to go along with our store, so we did some digging and found we needed to register domain name options then have a designer work on the site. Once it was done it was fully transactional and looked great! After that there was nothing to do but have a sign made for the store and get behind the register. I have a feeling this entrepreneurial thing is going to be amazing!

I appreciate the guest post, Ignacio Phillips


teJan said...

good luck lulu:) godbless!

Dhemz said...

pagka busy sa opps dire!

mommy jes said...

wow goodluck! :D

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