Monday, May 2, 2011

Banana Republic

These are my "sale" finds at Banana Republic. I didn't spend a fortune for these shirts but I really love them!

mytotsexactly CIB Monday


Cielo of Brown Pinay said...

My cousinn gave me a Banana Rep shirt and it is really comfy to wear

Mine is up at Chic in Black #16

Dhemz said...

wow, ka nice mami...paliton ko nang! naa ko BR sa pinas...abot ko dire, d na tawon ka!

teJan said...

hehhe..back diay na store sa banana republic no?..nice man na..panghatag na uban bi..

gae ra gud ta mailing address nimo day lulu..hehhe! kng email lang nako ha?:)

ako black cute tan-awa! sa insights

vintage lover said...

i love banana republic. i love it more when it's on sale=)

mine is up:

cherry of really interesting projects said...

visitng from CIB. nice shirts=)

mine is up:

Donna Lei said...

i like the black shirt.

Entry #4:

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