Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Internet Revolution

Back home, internet access in homes has just started to become a necessity. Before, accessing the world wide web is only done in the cities and in internet cafes. It was like we were so behind with the technology that the far flung barrios and municipalities could not really be reached. But thanks to the invention of satellite dishes, internet receivers, telephones, mobile phones, more and more families and individuals, even business and the local government offices in the provinces and small barrios now have access to the internet. Many companies have already set up internet service that offers access to emails, call alerts where users can still receive a call even while online, faster connection through dsl, archiving of email backups, even retrieval and recovery. Some also offered dial up which was first launched and gave initial, but still slow access to the internet.

But lately, because of the high demand for faster connections and ease in opening websites, broadband was then introduced. Soon, even the communications networks launched broadband sticks where everyone who has a laptop can check their emails, their favorite social networking sites and share pictures with all their friends, as long as there is WiFi.

When my family and I went home for a vacation a few years ago, I was just surprised at how so much has changed! I’ve seen a lot of students bringing their own laptops and netbooks browsing the internet, or probably, researching. I’ve noticed that many hot spots have been set up so that even in the malls, people can still have access to the internet. Indeed, times have really changed.


burn said...

Have you ever asked yourself, what happened if the world today doesn't have internet?

eh,di tayo nagkakilala ngayon...

kamusta sis..

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