Monday, March 21, 2011

Seafood Market

We went to the fresh seafood market again yesterday. Thankfully, my daddy-daughter tandem dutifully posed for pictures.

I was able to buy their gourmet sushi once again and I also bought some fish. Going to the fresh seafood market is always a treat for me. It takes an hour drive (back and forth) and going there means I can get fresh fish and my favorite sushi.

The drive is worth it even if my daughter tells me "Mommy, you eat your sushi, I don't like them"


Dhemz said...

waaaa...sige palit isda...dire tawon wala...ka cute sa father daughter tandem.

Shydub said...

aguy sign palang nga isda isda balaigya, wala na lami na mangopra isang kilo

Russ aka Grampy said...

I go along with your daughter. You can have the Sushi. I do like a good fish however. I like a Telapia or a Haddock the best.I am a all white meat fish eater.

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