Monday, March 21, 2011

My Youngest Brother is Getting Married

My youngest brother is getting married this June 2010. We were suppose to come home to attend the wedding but we decided not to because we have bigger plans. The family understands our decision and I am thankful that they understand our priorities.

My brother works abroad thus the planning is left to my sister-in-law with the help of my sisters. The exact date of the wedding is still not confirmed because it will all depends on when my brother will be able to get off the ship where he is currently working. There is already a tentative date for the wedding. Until the date is confirmed, they can't print their wedding invitations yet. Everything is already prepared. The celebrants of the wedding is already booked even if the date is not yet confirmed. Thankfully the celebrants are all family friends so if the date will be moved it won't be a big problem.

I was really surprised to know how much my sis-in-law have accomplished. She already made all the wedding giveaways, her wedding gown is already set and she also found a place to buy cheap bridesmaid dresses. The motif of the wedding is purple and gold. I am sure that these colors will be beautiful.

Of course, I wish to be home for the wedding but I know it is not possible. I will just wait for their pictures instead.


Shydub said...

congrats to the bunso. mayao but an ang asawa aron dili daug daugon

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