Monday, June 28, 2010

Beautiful Wristwatch

I used to wear a very stylish wristwatch. It holds a lot of sentimental value because it was given to me by my fiance then (of course my hubby now). He gave it to me on my birthday last April 2006, few days after we were officially engaged. I got so many compliments wearing that watch because it was really stylish and the design is very unique. Many friends of mine in the Philippines wanted the same style of wristwatch thus they asked me where did I bought the watch. They always end up disappointment when I tell them that it came from USA.

Because for me a wristwatch is both an accessory and a useful one at that, I want to buy a new one. I found great designs of jacques lemans watch at Hubby offered to buy me any design that I want. Yay for me! I have my eye on Jacques Lemans 1-1372E Ladies Watch Gold Tone Stainless Steel Black Dial Bangle (see the picture below). I love the bangle of this watch.
What I like about website when it comes to shopping for wristwatches is the fact that their products are
genuine and authentic with serial numbers intact. They also offer warranties on all their products.


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