Sunday, June 27, 2010

We Need More Tiles

As an update to our house renovation and extension, the floors are already tiled. We would have love for the floors to be made of wood but it is impractical in our case. So we agreed on putting up tiles instead of wood. Tiles floor are easier to clean anyhow. It is important that our floor will be easy to clean since when it rains the floor will absolutely get dirty with all the people that goes in and out of our house.

So far, we have 4 full baths in our house and we still need more tiles for our bathroom. I love the color that they choose for the half bath that is located near our living room. I wish they could find a subway tiles like the one that I found in There are plenty of subway tiles that will be very perfect for kitchen backsplash, bath, shower, pool or fireplace that you can find at

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