Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Food Network…yum

Food Network is my favorite channel  by far. I love that I can switch over to this channel anytime I want and find something wonderful on to watch. They have a ton of cooking shows.  Sandra Lee and Rachael Ray are my favorite.

Sandra Lee has a new show called "Sandra's Money Saving Meals." I watch this one any chance I can get to catch it. She always has several recipes per 30 minute show. She shows you easy ways to do it all by yourself at home from scratch. Everything is done with the cheapest method possible. She even has a recipe she calls her round 2 recipe to use leftovers from something you cooked earlier. She will show you wonderful things you can get at restaurants made at home. She even shows a tally at the end of each recipe that shows you how much money you saved. She then shows a running total at the end of the show for all of the recipes.

This channel has everything from cooking shows to cooking challenges. There is even a reality show on here where someone earns their own show on the Food Network. If you never watch this channel, check it out. You will love it!

Big thanks to Peyton Webb for the guest post


Mama Ko said...

Aguy, naa nasd siya guest post. maayo maayo maayo hehe

i love food network, thats one of my fave show.

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