Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Dining @ Olive Garden

I have been curious about the food in Olive Garden but we have never eaten there. Actually, we are not really fond of Italian food. Today, out of impulse while we were out, we passed by Olive Garden and decided to make a turn to dine there. It was on an impulse decision.

We didn't get the service we expect. When we were seated it took a while before a server came to ask for our drink. It take even longer for us to be served with salad and the bread took more minutes. The server said, it was still in the oven... we were like what???? How can they ran out of bread when they always offer bread to all the tables... isn't it strange?

Andrea already got antsy because of the slow service... we were close to walking out... Anyway, we stayed and we ordered these:

Italian Crepes with Sausage (Mine)
Handcrafted Italian crepes filled with five Italian cheese topped with grilled Italian sausage in a tomato alfredo sauce

Cheese Ravioli (Dave's)
Cheese-filled ravioli topped with marinara or meat sauce and melted Italian cheeses

Andrea had french fries and she said... Yummy fry fries.

One thing is for sure... We are not coming back to Olive Garden. It is not our cup of tea. The funny thing, Dave told me "I told you so..." hahaha I should have believed him but yah know.... I have to see it for myself ... hahaha


Hi! I'm Grace said...

We have never been to Olive Garden, too, because at one time, we were there and they told us to wait at least 30 mins to be seated and we back out. :)
But we will still try it someday though. :)

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