Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Andrea's Dental Visit

Today was Andrea's first dental appointment. As we have expected she cried. Andrea doesn't like medical professionals (that I am sure). She even cries when she sees her pediatrician. Anyway, we got bad news. Andrea has teeth problems that she will need to undergo a rehab. She is scheduled for mouth rehab on June 16, 2010.

I am upset of course because I brushed her teeth and I didn't expect that to happen to her. I admit I don't have a healthy teeth... so perhaps it is in the genes. Anyway, our consolation is we are in the right track. Since we found out about her teeth problems earlier, we hope that the dentist can remedy it.

For her mouth rehab, she will be in an outpatient surgery facility. There were two options for the treatment but I opted for the surgery because this will ensure that the procedure will be done right without the worries of Andrea's crying and fussing.

I will be bringing Andrea to her pediatrician on June 8 for pre-op check.


Dhemz said...

oh my...kawawa naman ni pretty little lady...she'll be fine....good luck sa bills sure kaya nyo yan...kaw pa dami mo moolah eh...ehehehe!

chubskulit said...

Saka bata pa naman sya Mamilu so yung teeth nya eh mapapalitan pa naman.. Both Rylie and EJ had problems kaya they had their filling the last time..

Mama Ko said...

Aoo poor andrea. Mao jd siguro na mga bata lulu mahadlok basta nakaputi, ikaw bay tusokn sge ug tag lima or unom. Ipa rehab jd no, ang gum ang problem lulu? intawn gisi bulsa sa inahan mayao unta ug mabasahan ni sherifff or tony aron tagaan ka ug 1 million hehehe

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