Wednesday, February 10, 2010

What I Love Most About My Partner

With Love Wednesday

I just love my partner... no questions ask!

Seriously, my babe is not perfect and so am I. We both love our imperfections. He loves me even if I am not a good at cleaning our place (sshhh that is suppose to be a secret). He loves me despite the fact that I always left the clothes in the laundry basket (I should have folded it)...

I love him even if he is grumpy when he just woke up. When he is stressed at work he brings it at home but I don't complain. I love him even if he often calls me while he is in shower because he needs new towel ( hehehe). I love him despite the fact that he don't put the tissue paper in the bathroom. I can go on and on but I have to stop he might decide to deport me (joking!)

Okay... Okay... Okay... I love him for his sweetness, he takes good care of me, he lets me be who I am, he makes sure that I have Filipino friends, he makes sure that I get Filipino foods even if he hates the smell of "bagoong". I love him because he is a good son, a good friend and definitely a good father.

I love you babe!


Mama Ko said...

Awwww what asweetwifey. thats why david loves you and put you on pedestal. hehe

mingaw naman ani nga meme uy, wala ko na karon.

Laikka said...

waaaa..migawas na jud ang ka sweet ni lulu..hehehe!!!

godbless to the whole family!

Cecile said...

swerte man ta sa atong hubbies kay bisan wa ta mag fold ug clothes or tambak ang hugasin na didhes sa sink, di man magalit eh :-)

David and Matt magkakasundo, halos pareho sila except na dala sa bahay ang problema sa work :-) at grumpy pag nagising :-).

mahal ka talaga ni David for who you are at yung ang importante!

Anne said...

ka sweet sa palalab oi, ka swerti jud ni dave dili na sya kita kasing guapa nimo mami lu....

Hi! I'm Grace said...

How sweet! I am sure that your hubby felt so blessed to have you as her wife. :)

Bambie dear ★ said...

well that's love.. we love and accept even their flaws. Happy weekends =)

ethanINOSENTE said...

o my ang cute naman ng buhay me asawa, i just wished i can also experience the things na na eexperience nyu.

hinde pa ako pede mag asawa kase wala pang bahay na pede paglagyan ni future mrs. hehe

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