Wednesday, February 17, 2010


The most obvious advantage of using MP3s over traditional CD format is the size of the data. With MP3s you are able to fit a significantly larger amount of music on a disk relative to a traditional CD.

MP3 has accomplished a dramatic impact on the world of music. MP3 lets you take your music pretty anywhere either on a portable or car player. It turns your computer into a jukebox. With MP3, you can easily store, manage and play MP3 files with graphically visual player on your computer. With this trend on how we play and listen to music, I believe that the next generation of music listeners will no longer purchase compact discs.

With so many people got hooked to MP3s, there is now a free MP3 Search engine where you can find mp3 files and download it for free. It is really amazing how you can download all these files for free and share it easily to your friends and family.


Cacai M. said...

wow.. that's a very nice family bonding! Belated Happy Valentines day Mareng.. muahhh!

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