Wednesday, February 17, 2010

On Car Washing...

The first time I helped wash our car, I enjoyed it. Well, we don't have a car where I grew up so washing the car was a first experience for me. I was really enjoying it until I realize that having a pressure washers would have make the task easier. That was the first and last that I helped cleaning our car. It was just too much work for a spoiled "me". Washing a car can be laborious but if you use one of those nilfisk pressure washers this job can be done a lot faster than doing it manually.

Speaking of washing and cleaning, I recommend to everyone who has a hard time cleaning their walls and porch to buy something like a nilfisk electric pressure washers. These type of washer is ideal for indoor and outdoor use. This is really perfect for household cleaning tasks.

An electric powered washers produce no noise compared to pressure washers with a built-in engine. If you want my recommendation, I would suggest for you to buy a NILFISK C120.2-6PAD 120 Bar Electric Pressure Washer 520 l/h with Patio Cleaner / Drain Cleaner and Brush. This is really a good buy!


teJan said...

oi! nice ni da..thanks for the info!

By the way about wacky smile bi laikka..iya greatlolo sa pinas ana gatudlo... the never deing "pahiyom sa dalaga!" hahah

Dhemz said...

sos pagka busy sa life dire...maau paka mami kay d paka ma!

agi ko dire kadali kay daghan kaau akong misyones today....need to shampoo the carpet...hay buhay..kalouy sa alila tawon..d ka afford mag hire ug cleaner!

mingaw kaau ang kalibutan!

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