Wednesday, February 17, 2010

What Do You Love Doing with Your Partner

With Love Wednesday

With Love Wednesday's theme for this week are the things you love doing with your partner. This is very easy for me... Dave and I love watching movies. Yes we watched movies almost every night. If we can't find a good movie in our favorite renting place (the red box), we just get one of our collection. We have a couple of hundreds of DVDs so we always have different choices. I admit though we have seen our favorites three times or more already.

Besides watching movie, we love dining out to our favorite little Chinese restaurant. It is very rewarding to see Andrea eating all her egg drop soup and rice. Eating at the Chinese restaurant is our family treat.


Dhemz said... in love..mura pa gihapon mo ni dave ug bag-o nga nag uyab mami...ehehhe!

sos woi, mabuang ko sa imo...sige lang jud mo ug date...maau pamo da! intriga ko sa imong comment...true ka mami? manghuran ninyo si Andre? excite nuon ko!

hala good luck sa inyong plans ni Dave..:)

labay ko kadali kay gigutom ko...matog nako taod-taod...makapungot ning SS...walay opps!

sige mami...night night..mwah!

Bambie dear ★ said...

same here momsie... kaso ngayon di nko sinasabayan manood ng dvd ni hubby =(

chubskulit said...

I so love egg drop soup, Pinaglihian ko pa nga yan kay EJ eh hahaha..

Mama Ko said...

Awww kasweet sa mag asawa. You are lucky guys you havea husband who canappreciate and give you rewards and care for you. Ambot nlng ni ako, mag sweet ra ni kung mo rejrej waaaaa. grabe ka rated lol. my husband he thinks being sweet is just kissing, spanking haaay bata pa mn gd ni, upaw mn gd mao kaingon ko bata lol.

Uyyy na intriga ko sa comments ni bayot diri, manghuran ninyo si andrea lulu? yeaaaahh manghuri uy aron naa playmate aron sd duha nata busy waaa mangamong lge lol. Bitaw uy manghuri ky gwapa ka ug liwat dear. lol good luckt to you and dave.

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