Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Vacuuming Job

Andrea hates the vacuum. When we have to vacuum our place, Andrea and I has to stay inside our bedroom and let Dave do the vacuuming. Vacuums scared Andrea. When not in used, she never get near our vacuum. By the way, our vacuum at the moment is one of those upright vacuums.

We are trying to ease Andrea's fear of vacuum but so far it is not working. I am wondering why when we go to the store and we see store employees vacuuming the store, it doesn't bother Andrea. I guess that commercial vacuums for her are not as scary as our household vacuum.

Speaking of vacuum, we are planning to buy one of the bagless vacuums that I have seen in the commercial. It looks like it is very dependable. I bet in the long run it will be cheaper because I will no longer need to buy vacuum bags.


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