Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Cook in Me....

I love cooking that is why I have a kitchen blog that showcases the different recipes that I cooked in my kitchen. I enjoy trying different cuisines and I enjoy discovering new dishes. As evidence of my cooking, I gained a lot of weight (which I am not very proud of). Most of the times, I cook very healthy meal. I am very lucky that my daughter Andrea is not picky on her food. She eats everything and she doesn't complain if I feed her fish and vegetables.

I know that baking is healthier than frying but there are foods that are better fried that is why I have a food fryer in my kitchen. Sometimes, we indulge ourselves with those greasy and yummy types of food. I am just glad that I have an electric fryer because all of us love fried shrimp and calamaris. So, whenever we crave for this type of food, it is very easy for me to prepare.

A countertop fryer is also an option to have. This is a very useful kitchen appliance especially if you love to eat french fries. Whenever we indulge ourselves to a fast food type of food, I always marvel at the ability of a commercial fryer to do its frying job. I always enjoy watching the crew when cooking fried chicken or french fries. It always amazes me how quick and easy the process looks.


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