Tuesday, January 5, 2010

TCP: Blockbuster Movies

There is no doubt that Titanic was a blockbuster movie worldwide. I remember watching Titanic on the 2nd or 3rd week of showing in Manila. The movie house was full-packed even though it was shown for a couple of weeks already. I was standing the whole time I watched the movie and yes I cried rivers of tears.

To name a few blockbuster movies that I like.... Lord of the Rings series, Harry Potter movies, Shrek movies, Pirates of the Caribbean... and more!!!!

For this week, I wanna feature AVATAR... this is a blockbuster movie that is still showing in theaters. We hope to watch this movie this weekend.... It will be a date for me and my hubby. Based on the reviews of friends that have seen this and the trailer that we have seen, I am sure that this will be a good "movie date" for us. I am so looking forward to see this movie....


analou said...

I am also looking forward to see this movie Lu. I've seen the trailer too. But I doubt if we will watch this one in theater. Hubby doesn't want to be with a lot of people. Maybe I should wait until netflix has this one. Maybe next year or end of this year. Maybe I should bug my hubby to let me see this one in the theater.

shydub said...

Patan awa nya ko mami ug naa mo tape, suroy ko inyo tan aw ko avatar hehehe. nice daw siya ingon ang sistah, mao siguro blockbuster siya.

kittykat said...

too bad i missed this movie in the theaters..nagshowing naman gud ang mga movies sa MMFF..mao sa balay nalang ko watch..pero mas nice daw siya tan-awon sa big screen but still nindot gihapon ang avatar..

Happy New Year Mommy Lu..

gracia said...

hubby n son mabuang ug download avatar sa internet...hahahaha.. nice jud in.

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