Saturday, January 9, 2010

To Shop or Not To Shop

It is freezing cold outside and I don't wanna go out because it is a lot of hassle. Going out this cold weather means to bundle up in order to be warm. It always takes a while before we can be ready to get out this cold weather because I have to make sure first that my daughter will be warm enough while we are outside. I have to make sure that she is well bundled up and I have some extra coat and warm clothes with me. There is so much to prepare when going out in this cold weather.

Most often than not, we just stay inside our little abode. Staying inside will definitely ensure that we are warm. Sometimes though it gets boring to be inside the house for a long period of time. When I get bored, the shopper on me kicks in because I have all the time to look for internet deals. Since it is cold it makes me think of shopping for a Jessica Simpson Clancey Boots. This type of boots will surely keep me warm and it is very stylish. Besides the boots, a Patagonia Fleece catches my attention too. Wearing a fleece this winter time will surely keep me warm. When I browse the net for internet deals, I can always find a good deal on everything from clothes to shoes to accessories. I have even found a good price for Hair Blow Dryers. The things that I have listed here are very useful during this cold weather but my dilemma is whether to shop or not to shop. As I am trying to save more and spend less this year, I have to think really hard if do I really need all these items or shall I settle for whatever I have in my closet?

So, to shop or not to shop? What do you think?


teJan said...

yah..i really need it too.. cold, as in super cold here and those things is perfect! nag pangita jud mig akong boots gahapon la ko kita oi!

shydub said...

I think you need to shop waaaaa the devilish part of me pushing you to shop. Reward yourself coz you work too hard mamilu.

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