Sunday, January 10, 2010

Movie Date

Saturday was our movie date. After more than two years, we are back to our usual movie dates. We had so much fun. It feels like the old times, where we just hang out and watch a movie. It was so cool when we had the whole theater alone for a couple of minutes. We were early, so we were the first to enter the theater. We were able to pick the best seat. It was a great movie date for us.

Before we watched the movie, we went to have dinner first at Palace Restaurant. We have been out for more than 5 hours and we would like to thanks Mom and Dan for keeping Andrea. We won't have a terrific time if not for them.

We watched AVATAR, a very AWESOME movie! It was a perfect movie date. Dave and I love it!


Sheila Sultani said...

It's 34 degrees farenheit in Myrtle beach right now. They expect freezing temperatures all week.

chubskulit said...

Nice, s sweet nyo nmana Mamilu!

Mama Ko said...

Can I come with you guys ill be the look out waaaaa.

analou said...

It is really great to go for a date sometimes especially going to watch a movie. We went also for a movie date once since we got married when my manager gave me a two movie ticket when Gran or Grand Torinto was on theater.

Maayi pamo Lu sa lang ug date da. Ka-sweet pod ninyo ai. Ebog man ko.

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