Sunday, January 10, 2010

Chills from the Arctic Front

As Arctic Fronts chills the US, it leaves many cities in the Southern part of the United States shivering from record icy lows. It is really surprising that even the tropical Florida is experiencing frost warnings. Some states in the southern part are unusually experiencing snow. Alabama is not excused from the nasty cold weather.

At times like this, where it is freezing cold outside, it makes me wish I am in a Myrtle Beach Hotel enjoying the warmth and comfort only Myrtle Beach can offer. It is evident that a wonderful Myrtle Beach Accommodation will be a welcome change from the freezing cold of the winter season.

I just couldn't imagine how the people of the Northern parts of the USA are coping with the endless snow (and blizzard). I am sure that they would love to go to a warm place like Myrtle Beach and be welcomed with the best Myrtle Beach Accommodations. I know that it would be a relief for them not to worry about the snow and the cold weather.


maritz said...

Hello madame. You top again in my EC dropper.

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