Tuesday, January 12, 2010

TCP: Blockbuster Movie

Blockbuster Movie : AVATAR

Okay, okay, okay... I am confuse! I thought that the Blockbuster movie theme was last week. Perhaps, I ma just getting old for I really didn't notice it.

Anyway, this week I will feature another blockbuster movie. As far as I know, Titanic is the number one blockbuster movie of all time. It's director is James Cameron and he has done it again. His latest movie AVATAR is closing in to break the Titanic record....

The 3-D sci-fi movie Avatar has become the second-highest earning movie of all time after it grossed 191.5 million dollars at the global box office over the weekend, according to figures released Monday by 20th Century Fox. The film has now taken in 1.34 billion dollars, some 460 million dollars shy of current record holder Titanic, which like Avatar was also directed by James Cameron.
From Yahoo News...
"Avatar" coasted to its fourth-straight weekend as the No. 1 box-office draw, pulling in $50.3 million and becoming 2009's top-grossing movie with $430.8 million.

Last weekend, Dave and I went for a movie date to see AVATAR and the movie was AWESOME! NO wonder it is doing really well in the theaters. I wouldn't be surprise if it will break the record of Titanic.

If you haven't seen AVATAR yet... you ought to see it! I promise you, it is worth every penny you will spend. It is a 2hour and 40minutes movie but I assure you, you won't notice that it is long.


Mama Ko said...

Do you still remember when titanic came out, as in all the theaters in Cebu were all ful, I got to seat on the stairs when I watch this movie.

Anyway, maayo ka lulu walay pagka hubas permi mn naa grasya diri sa bits oi.

Rossel said...

i totally agree. infact we have the same entry for tcp. we watched it twice and want to watch it again. lol!

jo.frougal said...

Totally agree with your choice, I chose it, too.
Here's mine.
The special fx of this move is really quite amazing! Thanks for sharing.

Clarissa said...

I'll watch them on DVD when it's out!!Very interesting movie kasi!!

klivengood said...

sinabi mo yan Lu ha? sige tan-aw ko ana kay ang titanic ra ba hangtud ron balik balikon japon nako tan-aw hahaha.

BTW..hasta nakong katawa sa imo comment Lu nga gitapol ko...hahaha...lagi nakulangan jud ko..tay-an na kung si Tsang pa nyahahaha. hangtud ron gitapol lang japon koooo...tabang!!!

kikamz said...

haba naman pala ng movie na yan. i too am itching to watch it on the big screen. ayoko sa dvd screen. will have to check the schedule on corso kino (an cinema that shows films in english here, not dubbed in german) if it is still on. great pick mommy lu!

thanks for joining us this week ha. next week, we will feature girl power movies. till then, happy tcp and a Happy New Year!

**"Liza"** said...

Hi stopping by..By the way I want to let you know Im having a blog giveaway. Come check it out if you have time..:)

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