Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Detroit was my Port of Entry (POE) when I got here in the USA. I remember when we were about to land in Detroit. I was pretty amazed of how beautiful the city was. The first thing I noticed were the cars lined up perfectly in the parking lot. I was so shocked and amazed how beautiful how things were different in Detroit. I thought like "wow! this is America!" Detroit was my port of entry and I still had a connecting flight from Detroit to Birmingham. Due to some legal papers that has slight problem that needs immigration stamping, I missed my connecting flight that is why I had to wait a couple of hours for the next flight.

I remember I waited for over five hours for the next flight to Birmingham but I didn't mind because I was so busy scanning Detroit airport which was to me a pretty awesome airport. Detroit will always hold a special place in my heart because it was the first US City that I stepped into.

If we ever decide to move to another place, I think that Detroit will be on top of the list. The continental climate of Detroit will be perfect for us. The entertainment and performing arts that Detroit offers is also very enticing for us. The live music which is prominent in Detroit's night life is perfect for people who loves music and entertainment. Detroit has has two nationally prominent live music venues: DTE Energy Music Theatre and The Palace of Auburn Hills. Living in this place will be full of music and excitement.

If you want to experience the lifestyle, culture, entertainment and be a part of Detroit metropolitan sports (even if you are just a fan), then you need to move and enjoy the life Detroit can offer. Don't worry because there are many Detroit real estate that you can choose from. Oh... I would definitely love to move to Detroit!


Dhemz said...

hello mami, sensya na jud karon lang jud ko ka online ug balik...busy kaau akong life dire woi...sige pa jud ug ulana...thanks kaau for helping me mamai ha...just want to say hello....hinay kaau among internet connection dire sa balay....nya usahay rako ka online kay busy kaau me...sensya na jud ha...regards lang ko sa tanan...mwah!

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