Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Drinking Plenty of Water

I was never a water drinker. I don't drink enough water as I should. Things changed though. When I suffer from kidney infection and bladder infection with symptoms of urinary tract infection, I know I had to do something with my drinking habits. I started drinking water. I drink a lot of water now, which in turn makes me go to the bathroom more often than I would prefer.

Why drink plenty of water?
The obvious benefit of drinking water is that it replenishes an ingredient that is essential to our body. Almost 60% of your body is comprised of water, so how can it not be important? In the course of a day, our body depletes itself of water through urine, sweat, and normal cellular activity. Lack of adequate water slows down our metabolism and interferes with healing, toxin removal, removal of old cells and replacement with new tissue. Therefore, drinking plenty of water is an important part of both daily life and toxic cleansing.


Hi! I'm Grace said...

Mao sab ko, sa Cebu pa ko, tag-2 liters akong tubig kada adlaw, kay sige man singot, pag-abot diri, nah... makalimot na ko pirmi, kay wala may singot. Mao na UTI sab ko. :(

Anne said...

Korek mi, go go go for drinking much much water everyday, Atot wait english naman diay ni. Takdan nako nimo waaaa...

Bitaw mi, bisan ako i need to get back drinking more everyday. Sakit2x nasad akong kiliran usahay :-(.

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