Wednesday, January 13, 2010

First Time to Visit a Casino

The photo above was taken during Dave's second visit. This was the time when we got engaged. Before we got engaged he traditionally asked for my hand in marriage. Yes... I know that we are already in the computer age but I still want the traditional way of asking the hand in marriage because I know that my parents will appreciate us for doing that.

Anyway, on the last day of his visit we went to Casino Filipino in Mactan. We had a blast because that was the first time that I was in a Casino.

We do play in casino but in a disciplined way. We have certain amount of money to spend if all that money is gone then the fun ends. For us playing in the casino is just for fun and not for addiction purposes. I remember that we just play mostly in slots and in black jack.

I know that there are online casinos that is easy to play. Some prefer to play online casino because they don't have to experience the hassle of traveling going to a real casino. They can just play it at the comforts of their homes. If I will ever want to try to play online, I think I will play the free online poker. I think this will be good place to practice poker because through playing free online poker, I can learn the basic rules and I will be able to hone my skills in playing poker... who knows I will become a pro poker player someday...


chubskulit said...

i have never been to one MamiLu hehehe.

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