Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Noche Buena or Media Noche?

With Love Wednesday

Noche Buena and Media Noche
... two of the most important happenings that I will always miss. I hope that when Andrea is old enough we can make it our family tradition too.

My nephew Giles wanted a change of our holiday arrangements. Usually we celebrate Christmas in our family home and New Year's will be at my sister Lita's home. Giles orchestrated a change because he said that he never remember celebrating Christmas in their home. Everything was planned and good to go until the last minute. My other niece (Langlang) was hospitalized due to dengue fever few days before Christmas so everything was cancelled. Giles was disappointed but no choice they can't party while other family members are in the hospital.

They celebrated New Year (media noche) at our family home. The exchanging of gifts which was supposed to be during Christmas was extended to New Year. They all had a blast. They have a wonderful celebration. The whole family were all there except for me, my sister Menmen who is in NJ and my brother Jojo who works as a seafarer. The only problem.... they didn't take pictures... I wish they will take pictures because they have digital camera and it will be great to see pics of them celebrating....

While my family is busy celebrating noche buena and media noche, in my end it was just an ordinary day. NO noche buena or media noche. We spent our Christmas day at Mom's opening gifts from Santa for Andrea... we shared dinner as a family. New Year was quite different. Dave has to work. I was with friends while Dave was working. We had fun preparing and eating Filipino foods. Dave picked us up before New Year strike and we went to Mom's for the countdown. We were together as family when the clocked strike New Year. We hug and kiss for the New Year... we didn't have champagne as all of us don't like it. It was a plain New Year celebration but it was special since we are a family celebrating it.

New Year's day we went to Mom's for a sumptuous dinner.....

My little chef... playing and cooking... she got many gifts from Santa last Christmas


Mama Ko said...

Aww the lil chef is so cute in her attire. Our noche buena and media noche back home is always great. Glad to hear you guys had great foods on the table during holidays.

Our new year we just bought food at the store ky gitapulan ko ug luto.

i tried to write english comments pero hirap mami, my nose is bleeding hehehehehe

Jona said...

still it's a happy new year! :D thanks for joining!

zuveena said...

wow!!! love ur baby so adorable. hehe! cnt help but notice.

chubskulit said...

She is so cute Mamilu, sensya na po di na nakakadalaw ng madalas. so busy over here.. absent na din ako sa memes hehehe.

Anne said...

agoy ang kusinera dire ka cute... si Santa wala niabot dire sa cubao hehehe!

klivengood said...

ka gwafa ba aning little chef diha oi...kalami ba kitkiton...hayyyy ibog lang ko...hahaha

ay sus amo noche buena, ok ra pero ang media noche, may ubong grabe pa ko...ahak kaayo..

Nanaybelen said...

Hi LuLu.. lumalaki na ang prinsisa mo..
Happy new year

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