Thursday, January 7, 2010

A Call for Help

I have a friend who has two daughters who are in school. Sometimes, when they have math homework that they can't do, their mother always calls me for help. I don't mind at all as I am always happy to help. I am just a call away when they need math help.

I told my friend to check out online tutoring offered by Although, I don't mind helping the kids on their homework, sometimes it is better to check the services offered by guaranteach because they not only help the homework but they also have practice quizzes and free videos. I told her to check it out because I have heard that they also offer Algebra Tutoring which will ensure that her kids will be ahead with algebra lessons. I recommended this website because her kids can try it for free by creating a trial account. I am sure that if they need Algebra Help they can find the best help that can be provided to them through this website. The videos in guaranteach are accurate and appropriate for learning because they are screened by professionals.

My friend promises to check out guaranteach for her kids.... hmmm I think I will miss the calls for help by then.


teJan said...

murag tutor na gani kag math da... daghan naman ni imo post about math..hehehh!

here for you dear friend!

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