Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Local Search

Most Filipinos here in Alabama go to Atlanta, GA to shop for "ethnic" food. There is not much of choices when it comes to Asian food in Birmingham area. Although there are few Asian stores here, the variety of products that they sell is very limited. Since Atlanta is just a 2-hour drive from where we are, when we crave for fresh Asian and Filipino food (fish and vegetables) we always heed to Atlanta and shop there. I am glad that through a click in the mouse I can find anything in Atlanta, GA. Local search is very easy when you use! Anything that we want to find in Atlanta is just a click away.

The same with my cousin who lives in the border of New York and New Jersey, they always shop in New York for local food and delicacies. The last time I talked to her, I told her how easy it is to find things in Buffalo, NY if she will just use the local search. Local pages displays all the popular searches and popular listings. has everything you want even if you are in St. Louis, Mo. So, for all your local searches needs don't forget to and you can surely find what you are looking for.


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