Saturday, November 14, 2009

A Day @ the Park

Andrea has been so good so we decided to give her a treat... a day at the park! We decided to bring her to Moody Park. She had a blast. She is still not used to playing with a lot of kids. She loves the slide but she doesnt want to do anything with all the other rides and the swing. She just love the big slide.

After our day at the park, Nana and Papa Dan treated us with Pizza Hut. We had a great day and here's Andrea's pic at the park....


melandria said...

So cute.

busy girl said...

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Bambie dear ★ said...

such a cutie.. i love her hair in the last pic.. sana humaba na rin hair ni anzu para maganyan ko sya

klivengood said...

haguy, ang batang lami kumuton..nag dula na sad, apil ko be baby Andrea.

Clarissa said...

Cutie Andrea!!It's good for her to play outdoor even for sometimes together with the family!I love her hair!!^_^

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