Saturday, November 14, 2009

Progress of our House Extension

Slowly, we can see a little progress of our house extension in the Philippines. I know my sister has spent a lot already because the prices of all the materials have increased. We are just glad to see the pictures finally. Right now, they put the trusses already and in few days they will be putting the roof.

Looking at the picture, we can't believe how big the extension is. The extension looks bigger than our existing house. We are so anxious to see our home improvement. I am sure it will look a lot nicer and it will be spacious when all of us come home.

Speaking of our the house extension, we are so glad that the contractor that does our house extension is very keen on their work. We have nothing to say against them. They work fast and they have sophisticated hand tools that helped them do their job faster. They won't have a problem installing the french door that we wanted because they have power drills. Hopefully, at the end of the month we will see more work done.


melandria said...

Home improvements are really that expensive. Lalo na ang mahal na ng mga materials. We are also in the planning period of re-painting our place. Gusto ko kasi mas lighter shade of green.

Anne said...

agoy kadatu na akong mother.... saon nalang ni...di bale nalang walay bayad si PP kay nagpadaku naman diay ug haws ni akong mimi...hehehe! congrats mi for sure daku na kaau imung palasyo inig uli nimo.

Dhemz said...

aha...ang mansion hapit na mahuman....ehhehehe.....:)

labay ko dire kadali mami...balik rako unya!

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