Sunday, November 15, 2009

Bathrooms of our House Extension

As I have posted earlier, our house extension is on progress and we are very happy on how it turns out. I think it makes a big difference that my brother Frony and my sister Lita are both there to oversee the construction. It is really great when you have somebody whom you can trust especially the financial matters.

One of the specifications that we all wanted on our house extension is to make sure that there is enough room for big bathrooms. We wanted a big bathroom enough to accommodate a separate bathtub and shower. Although it is not very common in our place to have a bathtub, we wanted to have one so that it will be convenient for us when we come home. We are planning on no longer staying in the hotel on our next vacation. The main reason why we did the extension is to make sure that we have a convenient place to stay when we will have our vacation.

Talking about the bathrooms, I wish that my sister can find a double bathroom vanity that will fit our budget. Most of the prices are ridiculously high. If she can't find one, we will just let our house contractor do something with it.


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